The Friends realized that they needed more clients from the Pridelands, and fast, because the High Council and Simba were erasing every last trace of their rule. Not only that, but all other villains who had been antagonizing Timon and Pumbaa would refuse their offers to join them. Finally, they found a perfect client with Zira, Scar's widow, who leads the outsiders on a quest to regain the Pride Lands in Scar's name. Zira's deal with the Friends was that she would get the Pride Lands in exchange for the souls of Simba and his daughter, Kiara. And in return, Zira's strength and dark powers would be increased twicefold. Kovu was picked by the Friends to be Scar's vessel for killing Simba, but he actually fell in love with Kiara, and managed to help her bring Simba to his senses during the Pride Lander/Outsider war. But Simba's nightmare earlier in the story was no illusion. The black, ghostly Scar was the real deal, giving Simba a preview of his fate should Kovu become Scar's new body, kinda like what happened to Riku when he met Xehanort's Heartless......

  • When Zira died by falling off a cliff into a flood, Scar was reunited with his wife, and now the two are plotting revenge on their nephew and kids.

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